Welcome to Showcase Valeting Services, one of the UK’s leading vehicle valeting and detailing specialists.

We are not a run-of-the-mill valeting business, our considerable expertise and craftsmanship is regularly called upon by car enthusiasts and organisations who wish to have their vehicles/investments kept in pristine condition. We are often commissioned to restore performance or vintage cars to their original motoring glory, for owners clubs or before being auctioned.

A beautifully cleaned and detailed car always attracts the highest bids, and leading auction house Bonhams, are one of our regular clients.

Our knowledge of the trade is second to none, as is our meticulous attention to detail.

We choose the finest products to suit your vehicle, whether you need the paintwork revitalising or the upholstery cleaned with TLC
- we will use the most appropriate method.

We aren’t tied into any supplier, so everything we apply is selected and applied to enhance your vehicle and achieve the best results.
Having worked with most products we will happily apply your personal favourite.


















Showcase Valeting Services was started by Chris who, after a long and varied career, first in the MoD and later as an engineer, opened one of the first ChipsAway franchises in the North of England.

While running the franchise, Chris decided that there was a demand for a valeting service that exceeded the type offered by dealerships and body shops.
While car enthusiasts would spend hours lovingly taking care of their own motors, there seemed to be no commercial outlet for organisations who needed a similarly attentive service.

Fortunate enough to be trained by Parc Ferme and in the Zymol detailing method in 2007 and then licensed to them, Chris found the ideal vocation: combining the precision of his engineering background with his obsession for everything auto-motive.
It’s a passion he shares with his wife Michele, who also races one of their Morgan cars.

Showcase Specialist Valeting Servcies has been operating since 2012 and reflects the standards of workmanship that Chris has become renowned for. Growing from nothing more than his outstanding reputation and attracting some very discerning clients, the business operates all over the UK and Europe.

With more ground to cover and an expanding client list, Chris has carefully selected and trained a network of dedicated and experienced colleagues, all providing the same high quality service as if he was personally there.

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Mr I.Winterbottom
Manager, Bonhams

Every car is different and our valet service is bespoke to each vehicle. We care for every car as if it’s our own, never cutting corners, always taking as much time as needed to deliver quality.

We are happy to share our knowledge and give advice about maintaining the condition, what we do is not secret – it’s diligence and skill, so everything we touch makes an improvement.

What we aren’t, is a high street valet company. You can certainly drop your car off at any number of places that will keep it for the day and give it a ‘better than average’ clean. But they will have also cleaned many other cars that day, all with the same products, all to a time and cost schedule.

Our service cannot be compared with other valet services, once you have experienced our level of detail and value for money, you will understand why.

Like our bespoke service, we will give you a bespoke price, so please talk to us about your car and how we can help give it some unique TLC. Get in touch, if nothing else, we’ll probably have a good chat about our common passion for cars!

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